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Friday, April 12 · 8 – 9:30pm MST

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Ready for an unforgettable evening of laughter and mind-bending entertainment? 🤣✨

Get ready, Arizona, because the Comedy Hypnosis Show is coming to town!

Sign up now for an extraordinary experience that will leave you in stitches! 😄

🌟 Immerse yourself in a world of hilarious hypnotic antics as our master hypnotist takes the stage. Witness your friends and family become the stars of the show, as they enter a state of deep relaxation and allow their imaginations to run wild! 🌌🚀

🎟️ Secure your spot today to discover the power of the mind, laughter, and comedy combined!

Here’s why you should sign up:

1️⃣ Unforgettable Laughter: Prepare for non-stop laughter as volunteers undergo hilarious suggestions and perform outrageous acts they wouldn’t do otherwise! 🤣

2️⃣ Mind-Blowing Hypnosis: Be captivated as our skilled hypnotist demonstrates the incredible power of the mind, inducing a state of hypnotic trance that will leave you amazed! 😮

3️⃣ Audience Participation: Don’t just watch the show, be a part of it! Our hypnotist invites willing participants from the audience to experience the wonder of hypnosis firsthand. 🙌

4️⃣ Memorable Night Out: Gather your friends and family for an evening of entertainment that will create lasting memories. It’s the perfect way to bond and share laughter together! 👪💃🕺

🔮 Unlock the secrets of the mind and indulge in laughter like never before. Sign up today and get ready for a night of side-splitting comedy and mesmerizing hypnotic feats!

Johnathan Smith – The Reality Twister is a Comedy Hypnotist & Mentalist who preformed in Hypnosis Unleashed with Kevin Lepine at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Johnathan also performs at corporate events, private parties, colleges, theaters, and comedy clubs around the country.

🎉 Hurry, hurry, step right up! Tickets are zooming out faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer! 🚀 Don’t let FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) take over—grab those tickets like they’re the last slice of pizza at a party!

🎊 Join us for the event of a lifetime! 🌟 Remember, life’s too short for regrets and too long to wait for the next big thing. See you there. 🎉

SEE Johnathan Smith aka The Reality Twister live in person. 

No Regrets, No Regrets! All sales are like your grandma’s fruitcake—once they’re made, they’re final. No refunds unless, of course, you discover that you have secret mind-reading powers after the show. In that case, you owe us a mental high-five. Only if the event is canceled you will get a refund.

Phones Must Nap! Please, oh please, be a pal and TURN ‘OFF’ those pesky cell phones. We promise your Instagram and Facebook feeds will survive without you for an hour. Plus, it’ll give Siri a well-deserved rest.

No Paparazzi Allowed! Sorry, no blockbuster movie deals for filming or snapping pics during the show. We know our show is drop-dead amazing, but let’s keep it a secret, like Aunt Mildred’s recipe for mystery meatloaf. No Audio, No Video, No Photography allowed.

Age Before Stage! We love kids, really, but this stage is for the big kids at heart. No children under 17 on stage unless they can levitate on their own

(then we’d like to know their secret, please).

Prepare your minds, folks! We’re about to take you on a rollercoaster of disbelief. Fasten your seatbelts and let the mental mayhem begin!

Johnathan Smith The Reality Twister has been fortunate to be able to provide his clients with world-class entertainment for their events that leaves their guests flabbergasted and talking about their experience for YEARS!

See you there! 😄🎭


SOLD OUT - Comedy Hypnosis Show with Johnathan Smith aka The Reality Twister
Comedy Hypnosis Show with Johnathan Smith aka The Reality Twister

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